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Investigations are as diverse as the people and entities being investigated.  We at NCIS begin with a client consultation.  During this consultation we will discuss your specific situation so that we may determine what type of Investigation you need, and how we can help you.  We will ask probing questions regarding the details of your case in order to carefully and meticulous devise a Comprehensive Strategy precisely designed to accomplish your Overall Targeted Objective.  Once our Strategy has been outlined, we then undertake a detailed planning session to organize Specific Tactics & Methods of Investigation to be utilized in order to attain your Specific Targeted Objective.


Surveillance is rarely what one might envision.  Surveillance is usually an  obstacle encumbered endeavor which is only matched in its frustration, by the stress inducing reasons for its existence and its necessity.   Obstacles to the completion of a Successful Surveillance in a typical Urban Environment are too numerous to mention here, but for purposes of illustration, I'll list just a few:

Traffic, Traffic Light Failure, Accidents, Pedestrians, Detours, Road Closures, Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Utility Maintenance such as Power Lines, Traffic Signals, Highway Lighting, Highway Drains, Sewers & Tree Trimming.  Weather Related Incidents such as Storms, Snow, Ice & Rain create obstructions such as Flooding, Damaged Power Lines & Fallen Trees & Accidents.  Normal Rush Hour Traffic, and Excessive Holiday, Friday or Summer Beach Traffic cause Delays & Traffic Back-Ups.  Other obstacles to Surveillance include the initial Observation Post.  The initial Observation Post must be a location from which you can visually observe the subjects departure point without being discovered by either the subject, a curious observer, a nosy neighbor, resident, co-worker, security guard, or Law Enforcement Official.  Gated Communities, Access Controlled Areas, Limited Parking, are also obstacles that one must overcome.


Counter-Surveillance Proficiency, is an exceedingly difficult Skill Set acquired by very few, and for obvious reasons.  This Trade Craft is one of the most valuable skills attainable.  It requires Expert Level knowledge of Surveillance Techniques, Methods and Equipment, incredible attention to every minute detail of any particular setting, an astute understanding of your current environment, a capacity to remain acutely aware of your surroundings, and an intensely observant nature.  The objective of Counter-Surveillance is to determine if someone is conducting Surveillance.  If so, Who, Where, When, by What Methods, and Why?   Counter-Surveillance encompasses many of the same obstacles as Surveillance, with a some additions.  Those additions include but are not limited to the environment in which the Operative is conducting Surveillance, his choice of Observation Posts, his Surveillance Equipment, his Skill Level, and finally his Determination.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures:

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, also known as TSCm and/or Bug & Wiretap Detection is a Skill Set that requires a vast knowledge of the latest and most sophisticated Eavesdropping and Surveillance Techniques, Methods, Equipment & Associated Disciplines.   An understanding of Sound Wave Emanation, Electrical and Audio Conductivity, Radio Frequency Spectrum & Analysis, and Audio Signal Transmission and Acquisition, are just a few of the Mastery Subjects needed to begin as a Qualified TSCm Technician.  A competent Technician must poses imaginative skills that will assist him in determining how and where microphones, transmitters, miniature amplifiers, and covert-video equipment could be installed.   A competent Technician must be aware of the known Radio Frequencies on which Audio Signals can be transmitted along with their various Sub-Carrier Frequencies.

Custom-Designed Digital Covert-Video Surveillance Systems: 

We custom-design, build & install High-Resolution Digital Covert Video Surveillance Systems for virtually any application imaginable.  If you're concerned that your standard Surveillance System whose cameras are mounted on a wall bracket, and are visible to anybody within a viewable distance is easily defeated?  Generally, your right.  That's why our many of our Clients request Hidden Cameras also known as Covert Video Systems.  Our systems are designed in a wide variety of environments, from Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Airports, Marinas, Vehicles, Vacation Homes, Construction Sites, Off-Site Asset Locations, Rural & Remote Properties, Farms & Ranches, and many others, too numerous to mention.

Covert Video Cameras can be installed as a self-contained stand-alone system, or in supplement to your existing Video Surveillance System.   Supplementing a current Surveillance System with one or more Covert Video Cameras will allow you additional surveillance coverage that nobody but you knows exists.  It's a great way to catch people "in the act" when they think that they are outside the current existing view of the camera.  Our Clients have obtained outstanding results with our systems.   Systems can be designed with Night Vision Capabilities even in the darkest of environments.  You can view & monitor your Video Surveillance footage on-line, and in real-time from your Computer, Laptop or Cellphone, any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Body Worn Hidden Cameras:

Our Body Worn Hidden Cameras are primarily for Undercover Operations.  If you need to be up close and personal, this is the best option for you.  Our Body Worn Systems can be built into Clothing, Brief Cases, Luggage, Laptop Bags, Purses, Handbags, Back Pac's, Lunch Boxes, Tool Bags, Pouches, and just about anything else one can carry in public without being overly scrutinized.

Portable Long-Range Digital Surveillance Systems:

These systems are generally designed for use while conducting Surveillance at ranges over 200 yards.   That's more than (2) Football Fields in length.  Most private sector Video Surveillance is conducted in less than a 200 yard range.   But if you have a necessity to see from your residence in McLean, Virginia across the Potomac River into Washington, D.C., we can accommodate your needs.  With our Systems, based on a Solid Platform, we can provide Subject Facial and Vehicle Tag Number Recognition at ranges over 1000 yards.

Standard Asset Protection Surveillance Systems:

These systems are generally designed for Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Small Shops, & Small Businesses of all types.  All of which can be remotely monitored, depending on the needs & budgets of the owner.

Vehicle, Package & Personnel Tracking Devices: 

Personnel, Vehicles, and Packages can be tracked and monitored with our state of the art Tracking Devices, virtually anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in real time, from your Computer, Laptop,
Ipad, or Cellphone.

We can provide written reports, as well as GPS mapping of the route and stops, and detailed descriptions
along with ownership records of locations at which the Subject being tracked has frequented.


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