National Capital Investigative Service, LLC
                  A Discreet & Confidential Private Investigative Agency  

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Washington D.C.'s other Private Intelligence Agency.

Discreet & Confidential Private Investigative & Security Services

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Investigations, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCm),
Technically-Advanced Web-Based Surveillance Systems, Video Surveillance Monitoring Services,
Custom-Designed Covert-Video Surveillance Systems (Hidden Cameras), Security Cameras, Security Systems & Security Equipment.

We have conducted Private Investigations of all types since 1986.  Our Investigations have been conducted for Law Firms, Pro Se Litigants, Individuals, Businesses, Corporate CEO's, Governments, Politicians, Celebrities and VIP's.  Our Investigations are of multiple varieties in numerous disciplines, and in as many environments as one can imagine.    

Many of our Clients are famous Celebrities , Politicians and VIP's who have National and International Reputations to protect.  Clients of that nature require the most discreet and confidential services available anywhere.  That's one of the reasons why they call us, and that's one of the areas where we excel. 
Their secrets and interests are protected at all cost, no matter what.  Our Dedication to Client Confidentiality & Fidelity is Paramount.

Our Investigations have been conducted in the following areas:

Political Opposition Research, Defensive Counter-Strike Operations, Adversary Neutralization Operations, Actionable Intelligence Acquisition, Corporate Competitive Intelligence, Organization Infiltration, Internal Theft Prevention, Asset Preservation, Fraudulent Loss Recovery, Erroneous Claims Mitigation, Pre-Employment Screening, Pre-Engagement Screening, Pre-Tenancy Screening, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Custody, Child Support, Witness & Defendant Locates, Employment Discovery, Asset Identification, Background Investigations, and others too numerous to mention.

Our Technical Capabilities:

Our Technical Capabilities include Custom Design, Installation, Maintenence, and Monitoring of
High-Resolution Covert-Video Surveillance Systems for almost any application in any environment one can imagine.  We have designed Systems for Clandestine Covert Operations in some of the worlds most dangerous environments.  Some of our systems have made History.  Due to the nature of particular Operations, many Systems and their Specific Technical Capabilities cannot be disclosed to the public, but many High Resolution Covert Video Surveillance Systems with Advanced Capabilities are available for sale to the public. 

Client Confidentiality:

In our profession, Client Confidentiality is Paramount.  It is the Primary Obligation and Responsibility of any Investigator to first, consider yourself a Primary Agent of the Client, acting on their behalf, and in only their interest.   Second, to work within the confines of the law to obtain results on their behalf in a timely manner, and with minimal complications.  Third, to attempt by utilizing judgment, instinct, experience, intellectual capacity, persuasive abilities, technical capabilities, and proved methods & techniques to acquire evidence that will enhance the Clients Position & Bargaining Advantage.  And Fourth, at no time disclose to any third party without specific Client Direction any portion of said Investigation. 

Our Experience is Extensive and our Capabilities are Significant and Dedication to Client Confidentiality is Absolute.

Our Philosophy is Summarized Below:

"Investigations can be like a Chess Match.  One needs to plan his maneuvers in advance in order to succeed.  We employ Advanced Strategic Analysis combined with Superior Tactical Expertise in order to prevail".

"Almost any Dispute can be resolved by utilizing Advanced Strategy, Superior Tactics, and a Precisely Targeted Application of Leverage".

"Exploit the Information you Uncover to Attain the Results you Require".

"The Most Crucial Element of Successfully Conducting a Surveillance or Investigation is that it remains Anonymous and Undetected by your Opposition".

"If you are in a Battle, Defeat your Opposition; Win".